Alisha’s super M😬IST Banana Bread

Do you hate the word moist? 😂TRUTH: when I first started making cupcakes I used cake mixes...I always added extra ingredients like sour cream, milk, pudding mix, etc to the cake mix better. When I started selling them the most asked question was “do you make everything from scratch?” I wanted so badly to be able to say “YES EVERYTHING IS MADE FROM SCRATCH” & that’s when the journey began...I started experimenting & came up with my new cake recipes and threw out the cake mixes. Either or, it doesn’t really matter if you use a cake mix or not…it really matters how it tastes! 💖 but for me subconsciously I didn’t feel like I could honestly say “it’s made from...

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Alisha’s Crockpot Curry

I am the worst at following recipes...I definitely add season to taste. I'm going to attempt to share the recipe but depending on your liking you might have to add more or less. In a crock pot combine: whole onion diced 3 chicken breasts or 6 boneless chicken thighs Add 5 cups of diced potatoes or yams or pumpkin 2 cans coconut milk  2 cups chicken stock 1 whole jar of red curry paste 2 cans of bamboo shoots - drained 2 TBS diced garlic Let it cook on low for 7/8 hours or high for 5/6 hours After it’s cooked add: 1/4 cup curry powder 2 TBS basil 1/2 cup brown sugar (I actually add more because I like mine super sweet) Cajenne pepper/Salt/pepper to taste ...

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Mom's Clam Chowder

It's rainy, muggy, and all I want to do it cuddle on the couch with a big bowl of my mom's Clam Chowder.  Its by far the best clam chowder out there...in my opinion ha ha! Probably because it has a hint of sweetness where most chowders don't.  Try it and let me know what you think!! Get the recipe Here!

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