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Hi, I’m Alisha Nuttall the crazy mom to my 3 wonderful kids, the disorganize/spazzy wife to Dave Nuttall, nutella, cupcake, and Unicorn lover! My goal is to help women love them self with a spoon full of sugar! I get asked many times what made me start this and it all started from making other people happy with food. I LOVE making people smile, from teasing, to making jokes, to making yummy food, it’s just the best feeling ever! When I first had the idea to open up a shop I wanted to make it the “Disney” of pleasant grove. I feel like when you come into or shop it’s an experience that you will remember! From our gourmet cupcakes to our magical unicorn floats to the Disney music playing in the back ground, you can’t come in without smiling just a little bit. :) I always say 90% of the people that come in are happy. The other 10% that don’t come in happy leave smiling. I love that people come to grab a treat to make someone else happy. I am living my dream and I feel so fortunate to be able to have the best family, the best work team and the absolute best customers!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping me live my dream! Alisha Nuttall


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Twin Sisters That Became a Dynamic Duo
As Featured in Utah Valley 360 Magazine September 24th 2016
Twin sisters and restaurant owners Alisha Nuttall and Angela Wilson are two sides of the same coin — one likes whimsy, one likes boldness. One owns a bakery, one owns a bistro. But the Pleasant Grove pair combined forces to win “Cupcake Wars,” even though their attempt at a pizza cupcake cut them out of their first shot at the title.
Angie:Alisha and I were opposites growing up — Alisha was a cheerleader, and I was on the drill team. But we have both always loved food. We had food jobs through high school, working at Subway and Burger King.
Alisha: My love of baking started in my home economics class. I liked working with doughs, making cinnamon rolls, pretzels, bread and basic brownies. Then after we graduated high school I got a job at Chili’s, and Angie worked at Outback.....

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