2019 has been the hardest year since I was in my 20ś.  Recently on instagram a friend re posted a video made by Rachel Hollis.  It sounds cheesy but it changed my life.  I have been fighting a battle this year and have fallen so hard that there are times I am begging God for an answer. There are days where I have lost hope and have lost who I am...but this video made me realize...this is why Iḿ resilient! Because I have gone through so many trials, fallen so hard and gotten back up stronger than ever!  

Rachel Hollis says "I hope you fall right down on the ground. I hope it hurts. I hope it feels like there's no way you could possibly want to go again. I want you to have the courage and the strength to take one more step and then another and then another because here's the deal, we don't become who we were meant to be because we start out running the race. We become who were meant to be when we fall and no one's going to do it for you."

People look at the life that I have, the company that I've built and they see this success and they think that there's something special about me or that Iḿ just lucky... but what I really have is that I GOT BACK UP!  I have fallen so hard throughout my life and I do what many people wont...I stand back up. I look at the challenge and tell myself I will get through this and it will make me stronger! 

I don't care if people judge me for telling my story.  I don't care if people are making fun of me behind my back.  I have become the person I am because people made fun of me.  

You will always fail.  There will always be a new demon, a new life trial but though it seems like it is a bad thing your failure will make you stronger.  It will make you stand up and fight for what you want. You will love yourself so much more after you get up! I thank god for the trial he put in my life this year...I have found myself.  I am relisant. I am a good mom. I am a good wife. I am a good boss! This is what falling has helped me realize...Iḿ an amazing, strong, & passionate person!  And because I fell so hard but got up I have a story and through my story I will help others stand back up!  Let's make 2020 the year you stand back up!


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