Customer Reviews

Did you know that we are rated #1 on YELP for BEST CUPCAKES IN UTAH COUNTY? Take a look at what some of our customers have to say!
(Reviews from YELP and Google)
  • "I am not a cupcake person!  
    That being said, I stopped in here after having lunch at Alisha's sister's place around the corner and ended up getting five treats! The appearance of these cupcakes may be what sells them, but the flavors and textures are what makes me want to go back! 
    Great seasonal varieties and old favorites mean that you will always have a hard time choosing just one!" -Sean W.


  • "Alisha catered my son's wedding reception. Everything was beyond my expectations! We got so many compliments on the refreshments. She set up a beautiful display of desserts and kept it stocked and fresh the entire evening. She also set up a hot chocolate bar with more mix-ins than I could have dreamed of! Everyone loved it and I didn't have to worry about anything. I highly recommend Alisha as a caterer. You can never go wrong with her treats." -Annette M.


  • "Alisha knows her stuff. She has such a creative mind when it comes to cupcake flavors and really does a good job with the balance of the flavors, texture and ratio of frosting to cake. She creates at least 4 or more different new cupcakes each month. She makes all of her batter, frosting, caramels, custards, creams, and curds all from scratch! She puts a lot of thought and love and you can taste it! 
    They cupcakes are large in size and I feel the price for each is fair and well worth it. . ."  -Brooke N.


  • "So I didn't think I was a huge fan of cupcakes but this place changed my mind! I tried the White Chocolate Strawberry? I think it was, and it was delish." -Haylee A.


  • "Well, the main reason for getting goodies here is the gluten-free selection.  I have family members that can't have that,  so this lets us all enjoy the same place and indulge our sweet tooth. It's off the beaten path,  but worth the drive there. The quality of everything is over the top. Great value in that." -Bryan W.


  • "We tried three cupcakes, the funfetti--chocolate tuxedo--and the better than what. We LOVED the chocolate tuxedo, rich and moist with a creamy flavor. The one that won the cupcake wars, better than what... was good but like I feel like I've eaten that recipe before from my mom or aunt. Which is good they can cook, but I wasn't wowed like I thought I would be. Might just had high expectations.  The funfetti was also delicious. These cupcakes are moist and tasty and even though we weren't wowed by all of them, we liked them well enough and are excited to try other flavors later on. Would recommend eating here for a fun afternoon sugar splurge.¨ -Jennica B.


  • "This is the cutest shop. I love their cupcakes. I really love the banana pudding parfaits. I am glad a friend told me about this place. I brought my friends here for my adult birthday last year and we had fun being kids again...lol" -Rene J.


  • "We took a group tour of Cravings for an activity days activity today. Alisha was AMAZING!!!! She has SUCH a darling personality! She spent so much time with us and taught the girls about never giving up and working hard to achieve their goals in life! Which I LOVED!!! She was SO generous with treats that she gave the girls. (Including one of her delicious cupcakes!!!!) She really went above and BEYOND any of our expectations! The girls had SO much fun and so did the leaders!😆 Thanks Alisha for providing us with SUCH a fun activity for such a reasonable price!! We truly appreciate it!!!" -Briti N.


  • "We had about 400 cupcakes from here for our wedding reception and everyone was raving about them! They are elegant cupcakes and absolutely delicious. We will definitely use them again for a big event!" -Nikki H.


  • Ok, so I had already had so many of Alisha's cupcakes and they were amazing, so I figured I'd see if they did wedding cakes. HOLY COW. We had a cake tasting, which was awesome because they give you like 8 entire cupcakes (you do pay for the cake tasting, but it's taken out of the price of your cake if you choose to get a cake here). They delivered the cake right on time to our venue and we gave them flowers to decorate it with and they did a beautiful job. Every single one of my guests said it was one of the best cakes they'd had. Thank you again! -Baylee F.


  • Love, Love Love for Cravings! I have Celiac disease and love that they offer so many tasty GF treats. I am really sensitive to cross contamination and have never had an issue here. I've eaten a lot of different cupcakes all over the states and hands down, Alisha's beats them all. It's a cute, fun shop with friendly employees. -Lelia L.


  • I've only tried their gluten-free items, but if you can make a gluten free cupcake that tastes that good, then the other stuff must be even better. The cupcakes were creative, fun to look at, and delicious. I highly recommend eating a few. Plus, I was not sick after eating here. That's always a plus. -Chris S.


  • Prepare yourself for explosions of flavor and a new addiction. If you are not careful you may lose yourself in the quantum cupcake zone known as Cravings - Alisha’s Cupcakes, and be lost in a world of flavor, fresh ingredients, and tummy aches from so much cupcake! We literally bought some, sat down, ate them, got up and bought some more! I do not even like cupcakes! But these fantastic bundles of actual flavor are miracles. Alisha figured out that flavor and real ingredients are better than just tons of sugar on everything. Thank you Alisha! -Josh C.


  • I absolutely love Alisha's cupcakes! I have tried so many different cupcakes and hers are by far the best! I love all the different flavors that she makes and most of them have some kind of DELICIOUS filling inside. The frosting isn't that icky, to sweet stuff that you get on a lot of other cupcakes it's creamy and perfect! I have tried all of her flavors and my favorites are the pumpkin chocolate chip and the better than what?? But, they are all amazing! If you haven't tried Alisha's cupcakes yet hurry on over and get one NOW! You won't be sorry! -Marcelle T.


  • As someone who has celiacs, Cravings is the ONLY place I go for my gluten free treats. Almost every single cupcake, cookie, and treat they make are also provided in gluten free option and their gluten free "Better Than What" really stand up to the hype 😍😍😍 -Bradie A.
  • Seriously these cupcakes are amazing! Sometimes I just scroll through the website so I can imagine eating them. The store is so cute and whimsical, a super fun place to go after a date or on a night out with the girls. Try it out, you won't regret it! -Amy R.


  • This is the best cupcake shop I’ve found! I have celiacs so unfortunately gluten-free, but Cravings has a massive selection of gluten-free cupcakes, bread, and rolls. I got some of their gf take and bake rolls that were AMAZING! I don’t have a favorite flavor because they are all that good! I don’t feel like I have dietary restrictions when I visit this place!! -Traci S.


  • I'm super picky about cake, super picky. I usually pass at parties. Alisha's cupcakes are phenomenal! My kids like the chocolate with a worm, and rainbow funfetti (They're fun looking so they never want to try new flavors). They also always want to stay and play in the little play area. My favorites are Better Than What, Pumpkin Better Than What, and Peaches and Cream. But I've yet to not like one of her cupcakes. -Brittany B.


  • Love this place! The staff is always friendly and helpful. The cupcakes are delicious and there is a wide variety of flavors available. There are even delicious gluten-free options. Brownies and sugar cookies are also amazing! We love to stop here when we're in the area. -Kristie G.


  • I was so happy with the process of ordering a custom cake and working with Alisha and her crew. Not only was our custom unicorn cake the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, but it was the most delicious cake!! Everyone at the party could not stop raving about it. People are still talking about the cake! I will definitely be coming back! -Megan H.


  • I had the best experience with Alisha and her staff...I was heading to Sundance from L.A. to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday and needed to get her a cake. I started my search on Yelp and looked at various bakeries in the area but chose Alisha's after seeing all of the different flavors that she offered. Amazing. I sent a special request for a "Route 66" themed cake (66th birthday). I sent a photo of a cupcake I had seen online and asked if she could make a Salted Caramel/Chocolate cake out of it - of course, she could! When my husband brought it home I was THRILLED. It was a piece of art...and not covered in fondant! The cake itself was the most delicious cake with the perfect combo of savory/sweet. My "MIL" was blown away and proceeded to have a slice for breakfast with her coffee the next 3 days, and a serving knife was left in the box b/c one couldn't walk by it without ANOTHER totally unnecessary slice. Bravo! -Nicole W.


  • I've been to several cupcake shops and am usually disappointed with the disparity between how the cupcakes look versus their taste (usually they tend to be very frosting-heavy with not much thought given to the rest of the treat). I was very pleased with how the cupcakes here are both beautiful to look at AND taste delicious! Highly recommend the Banana Pudding cupcake. -Belinda Z.


  • I had Cravings do the cupcakes and a little cake for my wedding and they could not have been more perfect! All of my guests raved about the cupcakes and were convinced that I made them because they had never tasted anything so delicious from a cupcake shop. They were surprised when I told them about Cravings and were relieved that they could stop by and eat the deliciousness anytime they wanted!! Thank you so much for helping make my wedding simply a dream come true!! -Alyssa C.


  • I would live off the strawberries & cream, and then anything cheesecake flavored is to die for. I am only writing this review because I am craving their cupcakes, but they're closed for the day, just barely 😐. I honestly have friends that are trying not to go here because they fear the addiction that everyone experiences at first bite. -Rachel A.
  • A-freakin-mazing. When I moved back to Utah, I was told to try Sweet Tooth Fairy, upon trying it, I discovered subpar baked goods. Nothing to drool over. I then had a quest to find great cupcakes like are sold in California. While wandering around I found Alysha's. 
    You have not had cupcakes until you've tried hers. She changes cupcakes every month, which could drive you crazy if you're craving something in particular, but really, you have a bunch of new flavors to try! (She keeps a lot of regulars month-to-month). Her "better than what" is exactly that, better than what-ever else you can think of. The seasonal strawberries and cream just can't be beat. All her lemon cupcakes leave you wanting more and more. The cupcakes are the perfect combination of moisture and flavor. No gross, dry stuff. The frosting is perfectly creamy and delicious. There is no better place for cupcakes than Alisha's. -Monica B.