DISCOUNTED Girl Scout 4 Pack - April 7th ONLY!

DISCOUNTED Girl Scout 4 Pack - April 7th ONLY!

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*No substitutions or modifications.  Does not come Gluten Free*

SAMOA: Our chocolate cupcake filled with ganache, topped with a  mixture of our made from scratch caramel & toasted coconut formed into a little Samoa cookie, drizzled with chocolate ganache.

TAGALONG: Our vanilla cupcake filled and topped with our peanut butter fluff, garnished with a made from scratch short bread cookie, peanut butter fluff & topped with milk chocolate.

LEMON CHALET: Our classic lemon cupcake, filled with a fresh lemon glaze, homemade shortbread cookie, lemon buttercream & topped with a lemon glaze. 

THIN MINT: Our chocolate cupcake baked with crushed mint cookies, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with mint buttercream, more chocolate ganache, and crushed thin mints.