Say goodbye to gluten-free desserts that taste like cardboard! From cupcakes to donuts to dinner rolls, we have a wide variety of delicious Celiac-friendly desserts that don't taste so...gluten-free!  Please make sure your item says GLUTEN FREE. 

 Does Cravings offer anything gluten free?
Cravings is pleased to offer the biggest assortment of gluten-free goodies in the valley!  However, Cravings is not an allergen-free bakery. Since we bake with high volumes of wheat (gluten) flour on our premises, we will never be able to be a "certified" gluten free bakery.  That being said, we have many many celiac customers that have never had problems with our desserts! Even one of our very own bakers has celiacs!
Do you make regular donuts too? 

No we do not.  Not because we don't want to but because no one here in Utah county serves fresh fried gluten free donuts and there are dozens of places that serve regular donuts.  We hand make the dough, fry it in a fryer used ONLY for our gluten-free donuts. We love that we can serve gluten free donuts once a month to our GF community! 

Ingredients in our Gluten Free Donuts

 Ingredients (Listed at random, not by quantity): Sorghum flour, white rice flour, cornstarch, tapioca starch, millet flour, sugar, psyllium husk powder, xanthan gum, yeast, salt. milk, yeast, eggs, vinegar, vanilla, butter, powder sugar, & cream.

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