Custom Unicorn Cake

Custom Unicorn Cake

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 Unicorn cakes start at $75

Want us to create a unicorn cake just for you?!  We absolutely love creating new and fun unicorn cakes! Making the perfect unicorn cake or unicorn cupcake takes a lot a love, patience, and care. Each unicorn cake is unique and magical in its own way, sprinkled with magic unicorn frosting, hand made decorations, fun sprinkles, and a touch of (or a gallon) of edible glitter!!

Each unicorn cake is hand decorated by Alisha or Marissa (Head Cake Decorator) who both once worked on a secret unicorn sanctuary.  Here are some custom unicorn cakes we have designed!

Cake Sizes

6" Double serves 12 to 15 people. Our cakes are 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of filling/frosting. 

As well, our cakes are much bigger than your average store bought cakes!  They measure around 6" high and a serving size is approximately 2" x 6"

 For a custom unicorn cake, please email us at with any specific details and photos of what you are wanting. Please allow 24-48 hours Monday-Friday for response.