Our standard size cupcake is double the size of a store-bought "standard size" cupcake. Our mini cupcakes are about the same size as a store bought standard size cupcake.
Mini cupcakes (ordered by the dozen per flavor) are $1 less than our standard size cupcake! Our flavors of the month standard size cupcakes available in-store and online.  Mini cupcakes require pre-order. 
Left to Right: Our standard, our mini, & a store-bought standard
  • Standard cupcakes - $3.25+
  • Gluten Free cupcakes - $3.75+
  • Mini cupcakes (sold by the dozen) - $27+
  • Quantity Discounts available online and in-store!
  • ONLINE ORDERS GO TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE! Let our cashier know you have an online order & they will grab it for you!