Day 1: 10 Day Happiness Challenge

I love this picture taken by @lifesfrostings . 
I love everything about this picture, from the cake plate, mug & the snowy pine trees. it makes me feel warm, relaxed, &I just want to snuggle around the fireplace with some hot cocoa & a cupcake of course.
It made me think of happiness and why certain people are happier than others. I came across this list and had to share it because I think it is soooooo TRUE!!!!!! 😊

1. They don take things for granted. Self-Pity is a negative mindset, swat it with gratitude, you will be amazed how happier you are.
2. They don hold resentment - happy people understand they can choose emotional well-being - even when things don turn the way they want.
3. They don take things personally - they don focus on other peoples drama.
4. They don live in the past - they have mastered living in the moment , meditation is a huge example of that.
5. They don seek validation from others - doesn't matter if other people like what they do, all that matters is they are walking the path that feels best.
6. They don undermine others - Those who undermined others are really afraid, shaky & insecure. OTHERS SUCCESS SHOULDN'T MEAN YOUR FAILURE.
7. They don give up and don blame others for their failures.
8. They don sweat the small stuff- let things go, find peace in the everyday.
9. They don isolate themselves - Happiest people in the world have deep, meaningful relationships.
10. They don focus on things they CANT control - they focus on what they can control, keep positive & moving forward. 😊 .

For 2019 I challenge you to a New Year 10 Day Happiness Challenge and lets not even wait for 2019 lets start now! I will randomly choose one person a day & you will WIN a Cravings $10 e-gift card (online use only) 
Challenge 1 -Comment below and tell me 3 good things that happened this year...including why those things were good 😊

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